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Post-Match Quotes | NSHvLDN 3.9.19

By Staff, 03/10/19, 12:15AM EST


Loudoun United FC Starting Forward Kyle Murphy

Overall thoughts on the match...

“We had a couple of good spells and we have to learn from our mistakes. There were some positives in there, we just have to break it down and watch the film and work on what we need to. I think it was a positive that some people got their first professional game out of the way... maybe they were a little nervous at times. We’re gonna look at it, progress, and keep improving every week.”

On the team progressing...

“I think we are going to continue to get comfortable with each other and learn each other’s tendencies. It’ll be great to sit down and watch film to see where we need to improve.”

Loudoun United FC Head Coach Richie Williams

Overall thoughts on the match...

“I thought it was a solid performance for a team that has only been training for three weeks and haven’t spent much time playing together. It was up and down but to be 0-0 at halftime against an experienced team in the league is a positive. In the second half we played a little better even though we made a few mistakes on the goals.”

“It was positive, a lot of young players got their first professional game. I think we can build on it this week moving into Memphis. We’ll continue to help the players get better, keep the team organized and hopefully little by little we get better and better and get some results.”

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