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What to expect at Segra Field

By Staff, 11/19/19, 6:15PM EST


You may be wondering what it is like to experience a Segra Field game day, we want to make sure you know what you are buying in to when you come to a match.

Friendly Faces

Walking into Segra Field will automatically feel like home. You will see neighbors, colleagues, and friends walking around the concourse creating a familiar atmosphere every time you attend a game. The community aspect that you get from the friendly faces of Loudoun County members and the staff will ensure a good experience.

Crazy Costumes

Our fans took a strong liking to the horse theme at Segra Field, giving them opportunities to dress the part. With the creative help of our fans, the atmosphere at Segra Field is fun and interactive.


The boys started with their first goal in Memphis during the second game of the season and have not stopped since. Scoring 59 goals this season as a brand new team in the league guarantees more goal scoring bananzas in 2020.


Whether it is the enthusiasm from the PA announcer, the drums in the stands or the players on the field, Segra Field can make some noise. Everyone in attendance can get into the spirit whenever the ball goes into the back of the opponents net (which can sometimes be seven times in one match).

Strong Fandom

From the start of our team until the very last match, our fans have been loyal and enthusiastic at all times. Whether we were holding member events or road tripping to Nashville for our first game, the loyalty never wavered. Fans traveled to Audi Field, Charleston and Nashville waiting for our team to finally come home to Segra Field. No matter where your seats are you should expect people to be cheering for Red and White.

Great Food and Drinks

We like our food and beer like we like our people, Loudoun local! All our food and beverages at Segra Field are from local Loudoun breweries and food trucks. Breweries like Lost Rhino and Loudoun Brewing create a familiar Loudoun feel to our Leesburg home.

Kids Zone

Attending a match at Segra Field, you should expect opportunities for your kids to be entertained no matter where they are in the stadium. As soon as you walk into Segra, there is a Kids Zone with games, soccer and inflatables. If you are sitting in the stands, chances are you can get a player autograph before they leave the field. There is something for everyone to do when they attend a match, soccer fan or not.

Tailgating Atmosphere

With the help of the stampede, Segra Field has a pregame experience unlike any other. In 2020 The Stampede will have their own designated tailgate space like they did in 2019. Tailgating games and food are part of the experience when you participate in pregame!

Quirky Contests

At Segra Field we host different contests for fans to include them in the game day experience. From cornhole matches in the Kid Zone to on field contests, you can always count on being included in some sort of competition. One contest you can be sure to see returning in 2020 is the Giddyup Gallop! Participants will race down the field after a few spins around on a toy horse, if they can make it without falling over.

Scooby the Horse

Do you even need to hear more?

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