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Build Your Perfect Player | Christian Sorto

By Staff, 06/30/20, 11:45AM EDT


Presented by Segra

When it comes to being a professional soccer player, it’s very rare to see a player excel in every aspect of the game.  The ‘Build Your Perfect Player’ series presented by Segra, gives fans an inside look into how professionals base certain parts of their game on their role models.  We asked some of our guys to build their ideal prospect using different traits to form the perfect player.

Andrés Iniesta | Brain

“Iniesta does things on the field that I wouldn’t even think about doing.”

Kicking it off with the brains of the operation, Sorto went with 2010 FIFA World Cup winner, Andrés Iniesta. The Spaniard is outstanding at finding ways to manipulate the opposition with his unique understanding of the game. Even when he finds himself in what seems a no-win situation, Iniesta positions his body between the ball and opposing defenders in order to fend-off any incoming challenge or draw a foul. The Barcelona legend relied heavily on his soccer IQ to find pockets of space in the middle of the park to maintain possession for his side and push his team up the field.     

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Physicality

“He is probably the strongest player in the world. No one is going to knock him off the ball.”

While he may not be the most recognizable player on this list, Adebayo Akinfenwa is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, Akinfenwa has made a name for himself in the lower leagues of England by terrorizing defenders and using his massive frame to bully his way into the 18-yard-box. When he gets going, you’d be wise to stay out of his way. Still playing at 38-years-old, the striker continues to keep his opponents up at night trying to figure out ways to contain him without getting themselves knocked to the ground. 

Xavi | Passing Range

“He can carve out a pass from half field and put it on a dime for you.”

Xavi was one of those special players who had the ability to pick out his teammates in stride from anywhere on the pitch. The man had eyes on the back of his head and his vision was second to none. Left foot or right foot, Xavi could hit the ball on a line drive or curl it perfectly into the path of one of his teammates. Despite not possessing a great deal of athletic ability, the Spanish midfielder played an integral role in Barcelona’s side for many years and made a living off of his composure and vast passing range.

Alphonso Davies | Speed

“Davies is going to beat anyone down the wing with the pace that he has.”

Simply put, Alphonso Davies is one of the fastest soccer players in the world right now. The former Vancouver Whitecaps winger has been given the opportunity to showcase his blistering pace on the world’s stage with Bayern Munich. Davies has been handed the freedom to venture forward as much as possible because his recovery speed allows him to get from one end of the field to the other in a matter of seconds. The 19-year-old Canadian is still developing as a player, but his pace already makes him one of the most intriguing young prospects in Europe.

Neymar | Dribbling

“Neymar is just so agile and nobody can take the ball off of him.”

Not many young players have been as hyped as Neymar when he burst onto the scene playing for Santos as a teenager. His move to Barcelona was world news, and he did not disappoint during his stint in La Liga before moving to Paris Saint Germain in the French capital. Neymar consistently wins his one-on-one match-ups, making opposing defenders look silly as fans look on in awe of his effortless talent. Many of his opponents resort to fouling the Brazilian in order to keep themselves off of his highlight reel but nevertheless, the 28-year-old always finds a way to put on a show.

Luis Suarez | Finishing

“Suarez can simply finish anything that comes his way in the box.”

Although Luis Suarez has had some controversial moments throughout his career, one cannot deny his imposing presence in front of goal. The Uruguayan has been a nuisance for defenders since his days at Ajax and always seems to be in the right place at the right time to put the ball in the back of the net. As a striker, your career lives and dies by the amount of goals you score and Suarez has netted at least 20 goals across all club competitions in each of the last seven seasons for Barcelona and Liverpool.