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Build Your Perfect Player | Josh Fawole

By Staff , 07/07/20, 2:00PM EDT


When it comes to being a professional soccer player, it’s very rare to see a player excel in every aspect of the game. The ‘Build Your Perfect Player’ series presented by Segra, gives fans an inside look into how professionals base certain parts of their game on their role models. We asked some of our guys to build their ideal prospect using different traits to form the perfect player.

Sergio Busquets | Brain

“Soccer is just as mental as it is physical and Busquets always seems to be two or three steps ahead.”

Sergio Busquets perhaps flies a little under the radar when it comes to mentioning the great midfielders Barcelona have produced over the years, but he shouldn’t. Over the past 12 seasons, Busquets has firmly solidified his role as the anchor in the midfield for the Catalan giants. The 31-year-old’s movement and positioning are key, as he always provides an outlet for his teammates, while serving as the security blanket in front of the back four. His game intelligence comes from his understanding of the game, making it all look so simple. He doesn’t try to complicate things on the field, he just makes the easy pass and keeps moving.

Romelu Lukaku | Physicality

“Lukaku is a big man and he’s been manhandling defenders since he was like  12-years-old.”

Standing at 6-foot-3, and weighing in at 205 pounds, Romelu Lukaku has the makings of a heavyweight contender. The Belgian forward possesses the size, speed and aerial ability to torment any defender who stands in his path. Lukaku is larger and stronger than most center backs, which works to his advantage as he uses his frame to hold off defenders and get into dangerous positions. The training staff better have the ice bath ready for defenders after 90 minutes of dealing with Romelu Lukaku.

Paul Pogba | Passing Range

“He gets assists from any position on the field and all his passes look magical.”

From a young age, Paul Pogba has been trusted with the responsibility of being the quarterback in the middle of the park for his side. Equally good with both of his feet, the Frenchman is a generational talent capable of picking apart the opposition with his intuitive passing at any moment. Pogba’s creativity makes it difficult to anticipate his next move or decision. He can use his vast array of skill to send defenders the wrong way, or he can taunt the opposition by pointing directly where he’s heading. Either way the 27-year-old rarely misplaces a pass and consistently dominates possession in the midfield.

Ousmane Dembélé | Speed

“While watching England play France, I saw Dembele sprint past Kyle Walker so I knew he had some serious pace.”

With a nickname like ‘Mosquito’, one can expect a player to be lightning quick and Ousmane Dembélé is just that. Offside traps just aren’t effective against the Barcelona winger, they simply won’t work. The 23-year-old doesn’t need a headstart on defenders to get in behind the back four because his acceleration allows him to get to full speed in the blink of an eye. With the pace Dembélé possesses, he’s able to win his one-on-one matchups with ease and consistently leaves defenders in his rearview mirror.   

Jaden Sancho | Dribbling 

“He can move defenders without touching the ball which is something special he does while dribbling and his moves look silky.”

Jaden Sancho went from relatively unknown, to one of the most coveted players in the world in a matter of months. His move to Borussia Dortmund kick-started his career and he has since become unplayable on the wing for the Black-and-Yellow. Sancho is so talented with the ball at his feet, he makes experienced veterans look novice trying to defend him. With his agility and quick thinking, to go along with a bag of tricks, the Englishman is able to weave his way through opposing challenges with ease. Still just 20-years-old, Sancho has a bright future ahead of him for whoever decides to pull the trigger on his massive transfer fee.   

Roberto Firmino | Finishing

“Firmino is just a great finisher.  He scores a lot of goals and I like his composure on the ball.”

Since joining Liverpool in 2015, Roberto Firmino has become one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe. Playing in a side that already features Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah, it’s easy to get overlooked, but Firmino has proven himself a goalscoring machine worthy of the task. The Brazilian frontman is no stranger to the occasional acrobatic finish as he has the ability to change the course of the game at any moment. With an ideal blend of skill and speed, Firmino is difficult to contain and as a 28-year-old still in his prime, he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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