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Build Your Perfect Player | Mike Gamble

By Staff , 07/14/20, 3:00PM EDT


Presented by Segra

When it comes to being a professional soccer player, it’s very rare to see a player excel in every aspect of the game. The ‘Build Your Perfect Player’ series presented by Segra, gives fans an inside look into how professionals base certain parts of their game on their role models. We asked some of our guys to build their ideal prospect using different traits to form the perfect player.

Lionel Messi | Brain

“If I could, I’d pick Messi for every category.  He sees the game better than anybody.  He could play any position and still be the best player on the field.”

Lionel Messi is from a different breed. The Barcelona legend has been picking apart defenders on the world’s stage since he was 16-years-old. Messi is so difficult to anticipate because he can beat you in so many ways. He knows when to attack the space in front of him and he knows when to lay it off for one of his teammates. Either way, Messi can be the difference maker every time he touches the ball and is considered by many to be the best player of all time.  The 33-year-old sees the beautiful game from a different perspective and does things on the field that most players wouldn’t dare trying. 

Sergio Agüero | Physicality 

“He has strong legs, a strong core, and a strong upper body so it's really hard to push him off the ball.”

Although Sergio Agüero may be considered a little undersized for a striker, he makes up for it with his physicality against larger defenders. The 32-year-old is difficult to knock off the ball because he uses his low center of gravity to bounce off of incoming challenges and get into dangerous positions. At just 5-foot-8, Agüero wins a surprising amount of his aerial duels and has shown a real knack for scoring with his head. The Argentine uses his stocky frame to link up with his teammates and once a cross comes into the box he is able to beat defenders with his first step to put the ball in the back of the net.    

Andrea Pirlo | Passing Range

“Pirlo had this magic and coolness about him. He’d never change his pace but he could pick a pass out from anywhere on the field.”

Not many players made it look so effortless on the pitch as Andrea Pirlo. The Italian just trotted around the middle of the field and made passing the ball 70-yards on a dime seem like a walk in the park. Pirlo wasn’t going to amaze you with his athleticism or intensity, but his managers quickly realized he had the ability to change the game at any moment with his passing range. The midfielder was calm and collected with the ball at his feet, and always seemed to know where to find the open space on the field. 

Ronaldo | Speed

“El Fenomino was one of the fastest players with the ball that I’ve ever seen. He was so direct and was able to use his speed with control and flair which I hadn’t seen before” 

While Ronaldo is known for scoring a ridiculous amount of stunning goals, people tend to forget just how fast the Brazilian was in his prime. Ronaldo would get to full speed with the ball at his feet in an instant, while twisting and turning without missing a step.  The way he was able to use his long legs to glide past opponents with such composure is a skill set that very few players possess.  His pace was often overlooked by his skills and finishing ability, but it made him one of the most unique strikers the world has ever seen.

Diego Maradona | Dribbling

“Maradona just had this silkyness about him.  The way he was able to use his body to shift and evade defenders is a style that I really enjoy to watch.”

Diego Maradona produced one of the most controversial moments in the history of soccer with his ‘Hand of God’ moment during the 1986 FIFA World Cup. With that being said, the Argentine dribbled with the ball on a string and was nearly impossible to dispossess.  Maradona was a magician at getting out of tight spaces.  He would draw defenders in close and then use his touch and quick feet to consistently beat double teams.  With the technique Maradona displayed, the Napoli legend will go down in the history books as one of the best to ever do it.

Christiano Ronaldo | Finishing

“Christiano is able to score any type of goal. Left foot, right foot, headers, chest, knee, whatever.  He can score in just about any way possible.”

Christiano Ronaldo’s goal scoring record speaks for itself.  Whether he’s playing in England, Spain or Italy, the Portuguese international seems to be on top of the charts in terms of goals year in and year out. There are no weaknesses in his game, Christiano can score anyway you like. He can shoot with either foot, jump like an NBA All-Star and he can hit a free-kick to perfection.  At 35-years-old, it is amazing to see a player of his age continue to produce at such a high level while showing no signs of slowing down.  Don’t be surprised if you see Christiano bagging hat-tricks well into his forties.