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Build Your Perfect Player

By Staff, 07/24/20, 3:00PM EDT


Presented by Segra

When it comes to being a professional soccer player, it’s very rare to see a player excel in every aspect of the game.  The ‘Build Your Perfect Player’ series presented by Segra, gives fans an inside look into how professionals base certain parts of their game on their role models.  We asked some of our guys to build their ideal prospect using different traits to form the perfect player.

Zinedine Zidane | Brain

“The reason why i chose Zidane is because he has a lot of mental sharpness and such a high football IQ.”

While many people remember Zinedine Zidane’s controversial incident in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final, the Frenchman was a genius during his playing days and has proven in the early stages of his managerial career to be a true tactician. The midfielder’s vision while dribbling and passing was outstanding. He could gracefully carry the ball from one end of the field to the other while dodging multiple challenges or he could pick out a teammate in stride with precision. Either way, Zidane was one of the most naturally gifted players the world has ever seen.    

Michael Essien | Physicality

“Essien has such a strong core and is just so difficult to bully off the ball.”

Michael Essien was the anchor in the midfield for a Chelsea side that won the Champions League, two Premier League titles and three FA Cups. A true box-to-box midfielder, the Ghanaian consistently made it difficult for the opposition to gain any sort of momentum in the middle of the park. As a powerful central midfielder who served as the enforcer for his team, Essien gained a reputation as a tough tackler who never shied away from a 50-50 challenge.  

Toni Kroos | Passing Range

“Kroos is so accurate with his passing. Whether it is a long ball or short, he is always on point and he is very dynamic.”

Toni Kroos has become one of the most precise and accurate passers of his generation.  While deploying his talents for Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, the German midfielder has proven he can dictate the flow of the game with his play in possession.  Kroos exudes confidence with the ball at his feet, rarely misplacing a pass no matter the difficulty.  The 30-year-old continuously spreads the field and provides his teammates with an outlet to get out of tight situations.

Kylian Mbappe | Speed

“Mbappe has so much pace. He is one of the fastest players in the world right now.”

Kylian Mbappe has many attributes that make him one of the world’s premier talents, but his pace may be the most dangerous part of his game. Mbappe slows down in order to draw defenders in close and then accelerates right by them in the blink of an eye. Defenders struggle to deal with Mbappe’s pace because the 21-year-old’s first step is lightning quick and once he gets to top speed good luck trying to catch him.


Jay Jay Okocha | Dribbling

“He played with Ronaldinho at PSG and you could see the connection.  You could see the similarities in their games with the dribbling and skills.

If you’ve never heard of Jay Jay Okocha, do yourself a favor and go check out his highlight reel. The Nigerian never saw a trick he didn’t like. While most players refine their skills on the training ground, Jay Jay wasn’t afraid to introduce a new move at any moment in any game.  The former PSG winger never put his head down when a trick didn’t pan out. He just got up and tried it again the next time.  Jay Jay’s talent was undeniable and his willingness to embarrass defenders on a regular basis made him one of the most exciting players to watch.     

Alessandro Del Piero | Finishing

“You can't mention Italian football without mentioning Del Peiro. He was very sharp and technical with his finishing.” 

Juventus’ all-time leading scorer Alessandro Del Piero rounds out Amoh’s perfect player.  Throughout his career, the 2006 FIFA World Cup winner always showed up with big goals in big moments. Del Piero was a reliable poacher who consistently put himself in dangerous positions in order to find the back of the net.  While the Italian’s movement and positioning were important aspects of his game, he could also create his own luck by scoring some outrageous solo goals.

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